DVA Gold and White Card Holders


Our Specialised Podiatrists are registered to provide a range of Podiatry services to Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Card holders in which the offered services are entirely bulk billed.


Services covered by Veterans’ Affairs gold/white card holders

Podiatry services include routine skin and nail care, diagnostic assessments, ingrown toenail surgery / bracing, soft tissue physical therapy, laser therapy, shockwave therapy and much more for the feet and lower limbs. Treatment may also include the prescription of medical grade footwear, footwear modifications and custom/semi-custom orthoses.


There are specific restrictions that apply in certain circumstances such as Medical Grade Footwear eligibility. However, in general:

  • For those that hold a DVA Gold Card holder, the DVA will cover Podiatry services that are clinically required;
  • For those that hold a DVA White Card holder, the DVA will cover Podiatry services if a GP referral has been made to the clinic suggesting that our services are required due to an eligible service or war caused related condition.




If you are a DVA White Card holder, you will require a referral from your General Practitioner (GP) in order to attain Podiatry services at our clinic. Some Podiatry services also require prior approval from DVA in order to be funded under this system.


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