GENERAL TREATMENT - Nail and Skin Care



A 'general treatment' is the term we use to describe a 30-45 minute consultation that centres around the overall health of the skin on your feet and your nails.

A general treatment may suit you if your areas of concern are as follows (but are not limited to):

  • If you are unable to care for your own feet due to the inability to reach them, diabetes, disability, poor eyesight, arthritis and/or other injuries.

  • You require a 'diabetic foot check' either yearly or bi-yearly.

  • You require a 'neurovascular assessment' due to ageing or a disease that manifests in the feet e.g. peripheral arterial disease, neuropathy or nerve damage.

  • If you are a high risk patient who wants to minimise the risk of infection. For example, those with severe diabetes, undergoing chemotherapy or are immunosupressed would most benefit from such a treatment as all instruments are sterilised prior to use and safety is the utmost concern.

  • If you have an ingrown toenail (painful, swollen, red or pus filled corner of the toenail). This often occurs in people playing sports that involve kicking a ball, tight shoes, improper nail cutting, genetic predisposition or as a side effects from certain medications.

  • If you have a painful wort on the foot (most common in children).

  • If you have large, thickened nails that normal scissors cannot cut through

  • If you have unsightly discoloured nails and/or fungal nails.

  • If you hard skin on your feet such as a callus that is unsightly, painful or dry cracked heels (with or without bleeding).

  • If you have painful corns on your feet.

We often recommend our patients to return every 6-8 weeks for regular treatments in order to maintain optimum foot health and prevent future problems arising.

What is the process of a 'general treatment'?

  • For all new patients we will take a full medical history and discuss what your most pressing concern is regarding your feet.

  • For new patients, we will do a basic vascular and neurological assessment and discuss the results with you.

  • We may cut and file your toenails, burr your nails with a special device to reduce any thickness and remove any dry/hard skin (callus) and corns. We may then further smooth the skin with a file and apply foot cream.

  • We also address issues you may have such as ingrown toenails, cracked heels, tinea or fungal nails.

  • We will provide you medical advice and educate you on keeping your feet great condition.

  • We may recommend medications and/or lotions to treat particular conditions e.g. fungal nails, dry skin, tinea.

By the end of the treatment your feet will both look and feel a lot better than when you came in!

If you are still unsure if a 'general treatment' is right for you, call us on (02) 8520 8818 and let us help guide you towards the best consultation type tailored to your needs.