Venotrain Glider Plus Compression Stocking Sock Applicator

The Bauerfeind Venotrain Glider Plus Compression Stocking Sock Applicator is a lightweight and ergonomically designed device to help you easily and comfortably apply compression stockings. With its light metal frame and thoughtful design, it is suitable for those with arthritis, disabilities, injury, or age-related concerns. It allows for independent, safe and secure application of compression stockings, minimising the risk of skin irritation.


Putting on compression stockings every day can be a difficult but necessary part of life for many of us. Trying to fit the tight compression over the foot and up the legs is often made harder by arthritis, weakness in the arms and hands or just a sleepy morning. The VenoTrain Glider plus makes putting on even the strongest of compression stockings an easy process.

Using a strong but lightweight metal frame that easily slides under your bed, you can fit stockings on without the need for bending down or fiddling with the fit around your foot. If you need help getting compression stockings on on those tough mornings, then the VenoTrain Glider Plus is the thing for you.

Product Use: Athletic activities, Occasion/ moderate pain, recovery, sprains, all day use.



  • Compact, ergonomic design that's easy to use
  • Light metal frame with folding handles for simple storage
  • Suitable for low mobility due to age, arthritis, disability or injury


For all stockings

Whether it's a knee high low compression sock or a pair of high compression pantyhose, the Glider Plus is perfect for any stocking from Bauerfeind.