Chung Shi AuBioMo® Comfort Step - Classic Sneaker Black (Womens)



Chung Shi AuBioMo footwear® is a unique design concept of flowing motion which supports the natural rolling movement of the foot as you walk, to guide you automatically into a gait that is biomechanically correct.

By promoting the natural walking gait Chung Shi shoes help you achieve better postural alignment and strength in your core muscles.

The AuBioMo® model of Chung Shi shoes as they are medically designed to address three main factors:

    • Joint limitation in the feet

    • Correct weight transference as you walk, and

    • Muscle imbalance and poor posture.

AuBioMo® – Automatic Biomechanical Correct Movement
At the heart of AuBioMo® is a system for shoes and health that has been developed by experts. This unique concept of flowing motion supports the natural rolling movement of the foot as we walk; the musculature is activated and strengthened; as a result there is less strain on the ankle and knee joints. The shoe sole that is angled in the forefoot at 15° works in combination with the natural roll of the middle foot to guide the wearer automatically into a healthy gait that is biomechanically correct.

Wearing the AuBioMo® system shoe enables you to sense the individual phases of your walking motion in total comfort. Without being aware of it you gradually develop a more confident gait. The way our system helps to correct faulty posture and bad walking habits is known by us as the AuBioMo®-Memory-Effect. This system has far-reaching, positive effects for our physical well being and of course for our general health.

From the very first step and without any previous training the chung shi AuBioMo® shoe will have an immediate effect. Simply wearing the shoe provides you with a virtual muscle work-out during the course of the day and also provides you with the benefits of a machine to improve your physical balance.