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Malleoloc L Ankle Support Brace


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One Size Fits All

The MalleoLoc L Ankle Brace is an ideal solution for preventing ankle rolling, providing comfortable padding and a lateral splint to relieve pressure on the ligament and stabilise the joint. The brace not only offers pain relief but also minimises strain on the ankle while it is braced.

This ankle brace is designed in a universal size that fits all ankles. The anatomical shape and lightweight material of the splint prevent ankle rolling and twisting. The brace's two-strap system ensures a secure fit during movement, with one strap stabilising the ankle and the other anchoring it to the lower leg. The breathable padding lining the brace allows for all-day wear without any discomfort.




The MalleoLoc L features an anatomically shaped protective shell that sits in front of the lateral malleolus on the lower leg and slightly extends across the instep.

The orthosis is secured in place with two non-elastic Velcro straps, one at the lower leg and the other at the foot, to prevent incorrect movements that may result in recurring sprains while supporting the foot's natural heel-to-toe movement.

If necessary, a small functional cushion (plantar pad) can be attached to the sole of the foot. This cushion provides counter-pressure that stimulates the muscles responsible for lifting the foot and helps actively stabilise the ankle for better coordination during daily activities.

This ankle brace is indicated for conservative treatment of ankle sprains and ruptured ligaments, acute and chronic capsular ligament instabilities, prevention of chronic ligament instability, inflammatory and degenerative functional impairments, and foot drop.

Q & A

Can the plastic shell cause irritation or dig into the skin?

The MalleoLoc's foam lining conforms to the shape of your ankle, providing a comfortable fit for prolonged use, and reduces the risk of the plastic shell causing any discomfort or irritation.


How is this different to theĀ CaligaLoc Ankle Splint?

TheĀ MalleoLoc L AnkleĀ Splint and CaligaLoc AnkleĀ Brace differ in their design and purpose. While the MalleoLoc L focuses on delivering medial and lateral support while allowing for flexion and extension of the foot, the CaligaLoc is specifically crafted to provide stability to the ankle in all ranges and directions of movement.


Can this be worn inside a shoe?

Thanks to its contoured shape and lightweight design, it is suitable for wearing inside your shoes, allowing you to stay active by going for walks, hikes, or engaging in sports activities.


Is it safe to wear this while sleeping?

Although the MalleoLoc L can be worn while sleeping, it is only advisable in situations where there is a strain, such as dislocation, subluxation, or fracture recovery.

MalleoLoc Ankle Splint


Step 1

Measure the circumference of your ankle at its narrowest point.

Step 2

Check against the sizing chart to get your perfect fit

Step 3

Wear yourĀ MalleoLoc L Ankle Support in style to relieve pain and get moving again.