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Stretch Neoprene Mary Jane – Diabetic, Arthritis & Bunion Relief Shoes (Womens)


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Closed neoprene stretch Mary Jane style shoe.

This shoe features our Signature Axign Biomechanical Orthotics, adjustable velcro strap and a dual-layer neoprene stretch region along the forefoot.

This stretch region allows the shoe to stretch both sideways and upwards to accommodate bunions and toe conditions.

Ideal for anyone with Diabetes, Arthritis, Claw Toes, Hammer Toes and Bunions.

    • This shoe has a dual layer neoprene stretch section over the toes section to reduce the risk of discomfort from rubbing or pressure.

    • Great for diabetics, stretchable material and no inner stitching reduces the risk of ulceration and discomfort from rubbing or pressure.

    • Ideal for arthritis sufferers, stretchable material gives extra room and reduces pressure on joints.

    • This neoprene layer also allows the shoe to stretch sideways to accomodate for bunions.

    • Stretchable material ideal for sufferers of hammer toes, claw toes and overlapping toes.

    • All of these shoes contain a bonus Relief Orthotic Insole that is designed to provide the optimal support.

    • Removable insole that can be replaced as required

    • Lightweight Slip-Resistant EVA & Rubber sole.

    • This shoe has a shank through the heel section to allow for greater stability during the walking gait.

    • These shoes have an adjustable strap which makes it easy to put on.

    • This neoprene layer is also waterproof.

    • Optimal heel support using fibre-glass embedded heel counter.

  • Soft Achilles cushion wrap to minimise heel slip