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An ankle sprain occurs when the ligaments in the ankle are either strained/sprained or tear partially/fully. The injury usually results from twisting, turning, or jumping with majority of ankle sprains happening due to an excessive inversion of the foot resulting in a lateral ankle sprain. It can also occur after a fall on an uneven surface.


1 - Ice the Injury (First 48 hours after injury) Heat (After 48 hours after injury)

 If you suffer from an ankle sprain, ice the area immediately following the injury. This will reduce swelling and help prevent further damage. You should apply ice for at least 20 minutes every two hours until the pain subsides.

Ice ankle sprain

heat pack ankle sprain

2 - Elevate the Foot

 An elevated foot position can also help with recovery. To elevate the foot, place a pillow under the injured leg and then prop up the heel using a wedge or other device.

ankle foot elevation

3 - Apply Compression Bandage on the Ankle

A compression bandage should be applied as soon as possible after an injury occurs. This will reduce swelling and promote healing. It is recommended that the bandage remain in place until the pain subsides.

ankle sprain compression

4 - Mobilise the Ankle Joint

If you suffer from an ankle sprain, make sure you do not put weight on the injured area. Instead, use crutches or a walking stick to support yourself while you walk. You should also avoid putting pressure on the affected joint by bending your knee.

ankle foot mobilisation

This part of the rehabilitation is something your local Podiatrist or Physiotherapist can help with and can really improve the outcome of your injury.

5 - Shockwave and Laser Therapy

In addition to using crutches or a cane, ice packs can help reduce swelling and pain. Ice packs work by reducing blood flow to the injured area, which helps decrease inflammation and swelling. However, ice packs should never be applied directly to the skin because they can cause burns.


ankle sprain shockwave therapy

ankle sprain laser therapy



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