August 31, 2021 1 min read




The glutes are the powerhouse of the lower body, designed to be powerful to produce true base force for the legs and torso. Weak glutes can lead to a ton of red flags  such as :

 Increased risk of lower body injury

 - Poor posture

Bad running form

Poor balance

Diminished power and strength

The glutes should be one of your most frequently trained muscle groups. And I’m not just talking squats and deadlifts. You need isolated glute work: bridges, side steps, clams, leg extensions, glute raises. The combination of strength work (squats, deadlifts, lunges) and isolated glute work will build strong and powerful glutes, which in return will:

✅  Reduce risk of low body injury

✅ Increase lower body strength & power

✅ Improve balance

✅ Improve posture and more!

Check in on these 4 red flags for weak glutes and determine where you stand. Chances are your glutes need some more work. Posterior chain training can be done several times a week. Simply add them to any training day, 1-3 exercises is all you’ll need to make a REAL difference.

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