Our Feet NEED Sunlight too!

Our feet are left in shoes and socks all day that we sometimes forget that they need sunlight too!

As little as 15 minutes a day of direct sunlight to the feet can allow for much more Vitamin D to be absorbed to the body considering the amount of receptors we have in them. With over 23% of the Australian population suffering from Vitamin D deficiency that extra bit of sunlight absorption can go a long way. 

Studies have shown that there is multiple factors that contribute to the Vitamin D Deficiency we see today in our general population such as:

– Obesity 

Skin Tone (Darker Skin tones needing 3-5 times more sunlight exposure to get the same Vitamin D intake as that of someone with lighter skin tone)

 – Staying indoor all day whether for work or in general

There are many genetic factors that also come into play when it comes to absorbing Vitamin D through the skin which comes down to your predispositions.

Consequences of Vitamin D deficiency include: calcium, phosphorus, and bone metabolism abnormalities which can affect the absorption of these minerals from regular diets that are cruical for bone mineral density (BMD) possibly leading to osteopenia or osteoporosis. 


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