Active Sports Achilles Support Brace



Can be worn on either foot

The Achilles Support is designed to assist you during longer and more intense sports sessions by alleviating slight discomfort in the Achilles tendon through the use of an Achilles pad.

This pad encases the Achilles tendon and applies alternating pressure massage with its knitted fabric, while small nubs and two pressure points on the lower wing target the surrounding tendon area.

This activates the muscles and improves local metabolism, thereby reducing swelling and oedema. The pad is lightweight and breathable due to perforations. Different knitted zones provide slight compression and improved sensorimotor feedback, enhancing depth perception.

The sports support also relieves the ligament and tendon apparatus, promotes rapid control of stabilising muscles in the foot, and improves joint coordination.

Comfort zones are incorporated for optimal wearing comfort, while the pressure-free edge ensures that the material does not constrict. Additionally, the closure seam is offset to the side, preventing friction under the foot or on the instep.

We recommend using the MalleoTrain or MalleoTrain Plus if you have an injury or existing ankle pain and the Sports Ankle Support if you are looking for prevention and stability without an existing injury.


The Achilles Pad: 

The Achilles Pad features an integrated friction pad that massages and relieves your Achilles tendon, promoting metabolism.


The Compression knit of 3D AIRKNIT TECHNOLOGY is lightweight and adapts perfectly to your body, while supporting sweat wicking and preventing heat build-up.

The Pad supports both the ankle and Achilles tendon by providing alternating pressures during movement which improves depth perception and joint coordination.

The knitted fabric is anatomically shaped to ensure maximum freedom of movement, and the breathable material with airy mesh ensures high wearing comfort.


Step 1

Measure the circumference of your ankle at its narrowest point.

Step 2

Check against the sizing chart to get your perfect fit

Step 3

Wear your Sport ankle support dynamic brace in style to relieve pain and get moving again.