Genupoint Knee Strap for Pain Relief


Genupoint Knee strap


Have you been experiencing knee pain and are looking for a high quality, research-backed solution? Bauerfeind’s GenuPoint Knee Strap effectively treats pain and prevents further injury. No matter the source of your pain, the GenuPoint Knee Strap is designed to aid in a number of different issues.


The GenuPoint Knee Strap is perfect for relieving pain below the knee cap. Whether the pain stems from tendinitis caused by the sport you play, runner’s knee after a good sprint or marathon, or just a dull ache from general overuse, the GenuPoint is perfect for targeting and relieving that pain. This strap is ideal to wear while running, exercising and playing various sports – it is a great active patella strap. With an adjustable anatomical strap for comfort and no-slip fit, the GenuPoint also has a special gel pad with four massage points that actively stimulate the patella tendon to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and stabilise the knee cap. Designed to sit at the top of the calf, it is an ideal knee strap for pain management and relief.


For nearly 100 years Bauerfeind has been at the forefront of medical research. Since 1929, researchers based in Zeulenroda, Germany have been studying human anatomy in order to produce the highest quality, most effective braces and supports. They have conducted studies on over 500,000 human bodies to ensure that Bauerfeind’s size range is as inclusive as possible for all body types, sizes and shapes. We focus on comfort, durability, and results-driven design to provide the best knee straps available on the market.


Our products are available for Australia and New Zealand wide shipping, so head to our website now to order online your own GenuPoint Knee Strap. For pain relief, comfort, and protection, Bauerfeind can’t be beaten. To find out more about how the GenuPoint Knee Strap can help you, don’t hesitate to contact Bauerfeind today. Chat to us via telephone on 1300 668 466, reach us via email at, or talk to us using our live chat feature on our website; a knowledgeable member of our experienced team will be able to assist you with your knee strap needs. 


Ideal for: 

  • Jumper’s knee 
  • Anterior knee pain
  • Patellar tip syndrome 


Step 1

Click the Measure & Buy button above. You will need to have a measuring tape handy.

Step 2

Measure the circumference of your leg immediately below the kneecap (B).

Step 3

Adjust the GenuPoint so that it feels snug and firm but not constrictive. All Bauerfeind knee straps have a 1 year warranty and qualify for our 30 day size exchange policy.

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