GenuTrain A3 Sports Injury and Osteoarthritis Knee Brace



The Bauerfeind knee brace is a high-quality orthopedic device designed to provide support and stability for individuals with knee conditions such as arthritis, ligament strains, and post-surgery recovery. The brace is made from breathable, medical-grade materials and features an adjustable design that allows for a customized fit.

The knee brace is equipped with innovative technology such as the 3D-shaped knit that adapts to the contours of the knee, providing a comfortable and secure fit. The knitted fabric is breathable, moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial. The knee brace also features a special silicone insert that surrounds the patella, which helps to guide the knee cap and provide pain relief.

The brace provides targeted compression to the knee joint, promoting blood flow and helping to reduce inflammation and swelling. The adjustable straps allow for customizable compression and support, making it ideal for individuals with varying degrees of knee instability or pain.

The Bauerfeind knee brace is suitable for a wide range of activities, including running, walking, cycling, and weightlifting. It's ideal for individuals looking for an effective knee support for sports or for those who want to improve knee function and relieve pain caused by arthritis, ligament strains or post-surgery recovery.


FEATURESGenuTrain A# Knee Brace

  • Technology:

    1. Soft knit fabricĀ - Keeps moisture away from the body and machine-washable on the gentle cycle (which helps maintain its elasticity and original fit) so itā€™s easy to care for.
    2. Soft hollow of the kneeĀ - Enhanced wearing comfort
    3. Expansion zoneĀ - In the calf area, makes the support easier to put on.
    4. Corrective guideĀ - Keeps the knee cap stable and centered for stability without loss of mobility.
    5. Massage padsĀ - Comforting soft stimulating nubs provide pain relief.

    Ideal for:Ā 

    • Mild to moderate osteoarthritisĀ 
    • Moderate degenerative knee pain
    • Knee instabilityĀ 
    • Misalignment of the kneecapĀ 
    • Patellar lateralisation


  • Treatment of:

    • Medial meniscus tear
    • Beginning arthritis
    • Osteoarthritis


Step 1

You will need to measure the circumference of your leg 14 cm above the centre of your knee (A) with your knee bent at 30 degrees.

Step 2

Then measure the circumference of your leg 12 cm below centre of the knee (B) with your knee bent at 30 degrees.

Step 3

GenuTrain A3 should feel snug and firm but not constrictive. All Bauerfeind knee braces have a 1 year warranty and qualify for our 30 day size exchange policy.