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The body is full of bursaes in the body but many aren’t sure as to what they are.

Bursa around the body are cushion-like and small structures that act like a smooth gliding surface and padding for two different structures such as that between bones and tendons.

As tendons and muscles around the knee there is constant rubbing between the those structures and the underlying structures which is where the usefulness of the bursa comes in. As we move around and create friction at these points around the Patella (Knee Cap) the bursa use synovial fluid incapsulated in it so reduce the friction or damage created to close to nothing, but in some cases where a specific tendon (in this case patella tendon) can overload due to high volume of activity or poor functioning physiology that creates excessive forces to that which the bursa can handle. At this point is when the body steps in to alert you that something is wrong by sending inflammation signals to the affected area to alleviate the pressure exerted on it.

When the bursa becomes inflamed it can cause pain, discomfort, swelling, redness and compensatory gait that leads to other issues.
Treatment in the early stages of bursitis is crucial to reduce recovery time, avoid other complications directly caused by the inflamed bursa and address the pain that may be holding you back from the activities that you love most.
Here is where we can help. By addressing all the contributing factors we can assess these types of pains and work out where the pain is originating from to alleviate symptoms and correct the root cause.

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